Quick Arsenic Scan | ITS-481305


0.2 µg/L minimum detection (with kit #481300) with 0.1 – >1.00 µg/L color density. Can be used with all Arsenic kits. Arsenic Quick™ Scan for water quality testing was designed to yield high-precision results both in the lab and on-site. This portable density measurement device scans the reacted test strip and reports a density value. The user then matches that density value against a supplied look-up table and records the ppb (µg/L) result. This battery-operated instrument makes quick work out of level determination by removing the need to match colors; thus reducing color-matching errors and yielding reliable results. The Arsenic Quick™ Scan unit can be used with all Quick™ and Quick™ II series water quality test kits.


0.01 to >1.00 color density;

Requires any of the Quick or Quick II Arsenic Kit

Additional information

Weight 32.0 oz
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 12 in


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