WQA Certified Installer Certification Preparation Course

This Class has been completed but you can still watch the previously recorded webinars and gain access to the sample quizzes.

Moti-Vitality’s Kelly Thompson will present a 10 session webinar series to be split up into 10-one hour programs. This webinar series will be custom designed to prepare individuals for the WQA Certified Installer’s Exam.

We will review The Installer’s Home Study Course, Guidelines for Disinfection & Sanitation of Water Treatment Equipment, and Basic Electricity for Installers in a manner designed to prepare attendees for a successful installer certification. Materials will be explained in an “easy to understand” layout with a little fun involved!


Classes will be held via Webinar.
The course will be split up into 10 classes
To view the Course Outline Click Here

If you are not able to attend the live class, the webinars will be uploaded to www.moti-vitality.com within 48 hours.

Additional benefits:
Moti-Vitality Linked In Group exclusive to attendees
Personal Assistance as needed
Class size will be limited, allowing more “one-on-one” time
Access to recorded classes for review
Practice Quizzes for each class.
Quiz results can be emailed to managers

* Please note: Individuals are responsible for providing their own materials unless package pricing is purchased (see below).
Materials can be purchased directly from the WQA website.  Click here for more information and pricing.

Cost for these classes is minimal!
Moti-Vitality members pay $36 per class ( a total of $360)
Non- Moti-Vitality members** pay $48 per class ( a total of $480)

MV Members pay $360 per attendee
Non Members pay $480 per attendee

**Non- Moti-Vitality members!  You can take advantage of the member pricing by becoming a Semi-Annual Member of Moti-Vitality!  Only $74.95! ~ save over $45 and enjoy all the Moti-Vitality benefits!