Spring is in the air!

Actually, it’s 33 degrees where I’m at, but I’m gonna keep saying it.

This morning we had a great discussion on the weekly MV Pro Call regarding sales activities that we can start as the weather gets nicer. Although Covid has caused many of us to exercise caution with our standard sales activities, we wanted to give everyone some ideas on how to build your business in creative ways as the weather gets nicer. Below are many of the ideas we came up with on the call, as well as some extras that we thought about after the call. If you haven’t already, feel free to give the podcast a listen here.

  • Water clinics (not sure what a water clinic is? Learn about them here)
  • New construction
    • Give ice-cold reverse osmosis bottled water to workers and builders
    • Introduce yourself to the workers at the home
    • Hang door and plumbing tags with your card
  • Attend a farmers market, be the “water sponsor” and give away water to customers
  • Sponsor races and 5k/10k events. Set up halfway water points for runners.
  • Sponsor water at other community events. Think about citywide festivals, block parties, concerts, anything that might use water.
  • Host your own block party! Get a live band, have a local restaurant/grocery store cater the food. Have proceeds go to a good local cause (think about city-focused betterment foundations, parks foundations, etc. If you get the city involved, you may be amazed how much it pays off in the future!)
  • Work with the parks department to put together a creek/river/litter cleanup walk. They can help you get the supplies and vests while you put together a Facebook event and invite community members. After all, our integral goal is to reduce plastic and protect our water, right?
  • Ask to run the dunk tank at local festivals. I mean, its water related after all…
  • Do you have any more ideas? Tell us about them! Email us at info@moti-vitality.com with “spring activities” as the subject. I will continue to update this post as I get more ideas!