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About Our Consulting Services…

Good afternoon,

In the middle of December we had Kelly Thompson and his associate Jennifer from Moti-Vitality come down to our dealership for 3 days to do an assessment of our organization. The process started prior to them coming down, as they asked that each of our 35 or so employees complete a 20 question survey that they provided. We kept the answers anonymous and sent the surveys back to Moti-Vitality. When Kelly and Jennifer arrived at our dealership, for the first two days they conducted meetings with each of our employees for 20-30 minutes. The main focus of these interviews and the surveys was to observe the perceptions, likes, dislikes, attitudes, and suggestions for improvement that were shown and communicated by our employees. Kelly and Jennifer conducted the interviews based on what schedules were convenient to us, which meant they came into our office before 7am for our route employees and stayed after 6pm to finish talking to others. They were very engaging and energetic with our employees and maintained this energy level throughout these long days. On the 3rd day of their visit they held a session for our 6 person sales team which was very worthwhile. I feel they worked very hard in performing this evaluation of our organization. They provided a comprehensive document for us after the conclusion of our time, which detailed the general employee perception towards our dealership and leadership team, as well as strengths, concerns, and recommendations of steps we should take to improve our operations. They listed future ways that they could assist us in implementing these recommendations, but many of the recommendations we received are able to be resolved internally. Overall I feel that this assessment was well worth the time and money that was spent to do it because of the insights gained from it, and because I feel it showed our employees that we’re committed to looking for ways to improve our operations.

Kelly and Jennifer are very good with people, and have a great deal of knowledge of our industry, especially on the sales end. Kelly’s book is a wealth of information, and well worth the monetary and time investment to read.

Since Brett and others had mentioned Kelly, I wanted to share my opinions regarding the experience that we have had with Moti-Vitality thus far. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an independent set of eyes to identify ways to improve within your organization or if you need any help within your sales department, whether it be training, hiring, setting pay structures, etc.

Tyler Stenseng MWS, MBA, WTS-III
General Manager
Culligan Water of the Rio Grande Valley


Kelly is a former water treatment sales professional for many years and now is using his skill set to help other dealers improve their own businesses and the sales people that work in them. I have listened in and participated in a some of his training and presentations, etc and have come away feeling like a number of folks in our system could potentially benefit from his kind of help. It never fails that when we attend meetings, conferences, seminars, etc – a common topic among most dealers is the difficulty in either finding, hiring, training or managing an effective HH sales professional. In fact, one of the most recent surveys of water treatment dealers noted that it was the most difficult position to find and fill in a dealership. If that is true in your market – maybe Kelly and his team can be of some help to you?

He is a great supporter of WQA and a real nice fellow with industry experience. I know a number of Culligan dealers have utilized his services in the past.

Hope that it helps someone add a salesperson, improve creative orders, system selling, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

Bret P. Tangley,  MWS
President Sterling Water, Inc. & Managed Companies


My family has known Kelly long before he started Moti-Vitality.  What I’ve always appreciated about Kelly is how he chose to serve first and ask about what his reward is second.  He is a true servant leader.  My first introduction to Moti-Vitality was through Kelly’s book.  I personally read leadership and sales books for fun.  What I appreciate about his book the most is the time proven principles coupled with the real-time application for the management of our business and sales individuals.  I have always found Kelly’s seminars to be engaging, filled with useful information and followed up with the offer of extra help to everyone who attends.  I would recommend Kelly’s services to anyone in the water treatment industry.

Brian Adams
Adams Well Drilling

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to create our presentation for our iPads. The professional look of the graphics and the easy use of the iPad help make my presentation flow better, allowing my own personality to come out in the presentation.

Being a new to the water treatment industry sales profession I am impressed with how easy I can use the iPad when I present the water test as well. Oh and by the way, I am over 50 and a bit technologically challenged and I am having no issues adapting to the iPad technology.

Again Thanks,

Steve Hartman
Territory Manager
Martin Water Conditioning (Sent from my iPad)


“Kelly has proven to be a very valuable performance improvement specialist while working with one of my targeted growth customers in New Jersey. Kelly was instrumental in hiring new sales professionals to the water treatment industry, delivering sales training, and trade & home show lead generation techniques which delivered immediate results. Additionally, Kelly and Jennifer, successfully coached me through the WQA Certified Water Specialist (CWS-I) study materials during interactive teleconference sessions with students from across the U.S. Moti-Vitality’s professional training approach enabled me to have a ‘fighter’s chance’ at passing the CWS-I exam. I felt confident in mastering the study materials, and earned a passing grade on the exam due to their help and guidance. Thanks, Moti-Vitality!” —June 7, 2012

Todd Simpson
Dealer Development Manager, Kinetico Inc.

“I am writing this letter to say thank you for the excellent job done while working with our organization. I knew that you were going to be able to help us when you demonstrated a genuine interest in how our business worked. I believe the interviews and initial assessment gave you a better understanding of our specific needs and allowed you to maximize the benefits to us. I appreciate the way that you were willing to actually do the things you taught. The time you spent in the field and on the phone canvassing and setting appointments allowed my sales team to see that it could actually be done. This in turn allowed me to hold them accountable to replicate the activities. Your real life experience as a water treatment sales professional and manager allowed you to relate very well to our organization and I look forward to continuing to utilize your skills and experience.”

Columbus, Ohio


I appreciate the consideration for future employment to become a valued team member within your organization. In my professional career your interview was the most challenging I have ever faced. You educated me and made me evaluate myself to strive to be more proficient as a professional salesman.

Troy Plummer
Candidate for Employment

About Our Seminars & Training Sessions…

WQA Preparation Courses:

Kelly, I really wanted to take the time to let you know how well your CWS classes help. The way you explain things in detail has made a world of difference to me in the understanding of this industry. You have a great personality and it shows in the way you conduct your classes. Thank you very much for all the help you & Jenn have given it has really helped a lot.

Spencer Householder
Customer Service Manager
Peacock Water
Marion, OH


I wanted to thank you for the extremely informative CWS-I class.  You were right – that test was a mind bender!  We are waiting for the results and I hope our crew did well.  Your class was well organized, interesting and very helpful.  I liked the chat feature too as it was nice to hear from past students.

Wishing you well and maybe I will take another prep class of yours in the future.


BR O’ Halloran
General Manager
McGowan Water Conditioning, Inc
Mankato, MN


Hi Kelly,

I took the test 2 weeks ago and passed, I just wanted to thank you for the class, I am sure I would not have passed without it, keep me informed of your upcoming sessions and I will be glad to recommend your class, I work for John Packard and his organization highly recommends WQA certification.

Thanks again!

Pat Scanlon
General Manager
Culligan Water Conditioning, Inc
Burlington, WI


Live Seminars

“I think the presentation by Kelly Thompson, was the best program that OWQA has presented to date. It set a new standard and expectation for future events that will be hard to beat. To all: Good Choice & Well Done!”

Don Karger
Culligan Quality Water

“This was one of the most entertaining & informative training sessions I’ve seen. Kelly is sharp, crisp and he keeps it moving. 3 Hours seemed like 20 minutes.”

Jeff Wilkin
Clear Water Treatment
(GE Platinum Dealer)

“A must attend for every water treatment professional who finds that the same old ways are no longer working.”

Cal Delano

“Kelly is willing to get into the trenches and show people how to use the tools he teaches by actually doing it.”

Tony Marino
Besco Water

“I found it very exciting & refreshing to learn from someone who has actually been in the field doing what they are teaching”

Joe Hobensack
Flag City Water

“I strongly recommend Kelly’s presentation to any company that is not only looking to bolster the organizational skills of its team, but also their attitudes. It was well worth our investment.”

Tim Peacock
Peacock Water