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The Global Water Treatment Systems Market Size is Expected to Register a Growth Rate of 7.1% by 2025. 

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Source: Grand View Research

  • If you are working with customers in the areas of plumbing, well drilling, home inspections, HVAC, or other residential home services, you are already in front of the customer, and in a unique position to help them with their water treatment needs.
  • Water treatment equipment and servicing is something that your customers need anyway.
  • Build additional credibility by expanding your areas of expertise, in an area that matters to your customers.
  • Servicing your customer’s water treatment needs is a smart business move, and it provides an additional reason to stay in regular contact with past customers and it provides a source of high margin revenue.
  • The global water treatment systems market size is expected to register a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.1% by 2025. This can be attributed to growing water pollution levels, increasing urban population, and rising health awareness. Strict government regulations to curb water contamination are also expected to boost growth over the forecast period.

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  • Offer near distributor pricing on test kits and other supplies needed to grow your water treatment business
  • Assess your company’s preparedness for expansion
  • Help you build a separate water treatment division or help with integration with your existing systems
  • Train your employees on water testing techniques
  • Hire and train water treatment sales professionals
  • Provide ongoing support for sales personnel through MV Pro Membership benefits, including live weekly MV Pro Calls, and access to resources for sales professionals
  • Provide mentoring, training, and support to help your employee(s) become WQA (Water Quality Association) -certified professionals
  • Find the right product line(s) to serve your current customer needs and to complement your current business strategy

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