Mastering Service to Sales LIVE Seminar

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Want to Sell More Water Treatment or Expand Your Other Products?

This 1 day LIVE seminar is for your service and sales professionals regardless of their experience in the industry.  Our focus will be on organizations who have a team of service professionals who also sell.  Plumbers, HVAC or water treatment companies with a selling service team that want to expand into the water treatment market, expand their existing product line or simply increase their current product sales will find this seminar extremely beneficial.

This seminar will be presented by Moti-Vitality President, Kelly R. Thompson MWS, CI and Vice President, Jennifer Smith and will cover the following topics:

  • Determining Professionalism ~ An examination of the characteristics that make us professionals
  • Water Treatment Basics ~ A layman’s explanation of how water treatment equipment works and how to explain it to the customer
  • The Anatomy of a Service Call ~ Analysis of everything from the complete home inspection to how to close the sale without sounding pushy
    What Women Want ~ Women are often the deciders.  We’ll finish the day with this professional, fun and expert analysis by a female industry expert, and consumer.

Seminar Fee is $300 per attendee which includes hot lunch, training materials and documentation.


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1 Day Only ~ Mastering Service to Sales

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