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“This book changed the way I do business. It gave me new ideas and a new perspective on how to sell more, stay organized and be vitally motivated in the water sales industry.”

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The book every sales rep, manager and owner of water treatment companies should read. Written by the owner of Moti‐Vitality, Kelly Thompson, who has over 15  years of sales excellence in the water industry.


Now Available in Paperback!!!

Excerpts from Flowing To Success:

Learn how to canvass and what to say and do when you meet someone…

One time I stopped by a house that was not on that day’s to-do list but was on the way to an appointment I had in Iosco Township.  I often gave my self a bit of extra time on my way to appointments specifically for this purpose.  This was a house that I had been to a couple of times and on a previous visit the framers had told me that the homeowner often did some work on the house himself in the evenings to save on building cost.  They had told me that he drove a red Ford F150 pickup.  I was about twenty feet from the car when out of nowhere came a snarling barking pit bull dog.  I was too far away from the car to make it back so I held my clip board in hopes of defending myself as best as I could.  The dog charged at me.  He was almost to the “eat the sales guy” stage when a man came outside and said “Butch, get over here!”   The dog was partially obedient and while it did not run back to the man, it did not eat me either.  I considered this a positive thing so I admit I had a bit more confidence when I spoke to the man.  He told me he was the home owner and about all the work he was doing.  He even showed me some of his trim work.  He was pretty excited about moving his wife and 2 young kids out from Detroit to the country.  He did not know anything about water softeners but he was buying bottled water. . .

…I told him that when that when the time came, we offer a free water analysis and that I would be honored to swing by to give him and his wife a crash course on how softeners in general work and how I would do this without the big pushy pushy magic show that so often accompanies a sales presentation.  “If nothing else,” I said, “it will give you a place to start your research.”  I think he liked the idea that I did not assume that he was not going to do his research.  He also liked that I was going to educate him on all types of softeners not just the ones we carried.


Learn how to develop long lasting & productive relationships with  builders, realtors, well drillers and many more…
This builder also had a decent reputation in the area so I decided to try to earn his business.  I went through the process of gathering information about him from his contractors.  I discovered what kind of truck he drove and about what time he visited which job sites.  Finally one day I saw his truck at one of the homes he was building.  I went into the house and introduced myself.  Stan was polite but my conversation did not go well with him.  He told me that his plumber put in all of his softeners for him.  He also told me that he did not want me leaving any more literature in his homes.  He also asked me to leave because he was very busy.Well that sucked.
This kind of conversation can ruin a guy’s day especially when Stan built a pretty huge percentage of the homes in this part of my territory.A couple of days after this incident, I had an opportunity to attend a seminar on goal setting.  The presenter asked us to list short term and long term goals.  The short term goals were to be completed within one year.  He challenged us to set goals that were difficult but attainable.  I made a commitment to earn Stan’s business within one year.

Learn about prejudging and how to handle sales situations that no canned training program ever prepares us for…My knock was answered by a 28 year old man who opened the door enough to undo the coat hanger from the outside with the hand not holding a cigarette.  He was wearing sweats and a T-shirt obviously obtained with a 3-pack of Camels several years prior. The smoke that was thick enough to concern the local fire department drafted out and struck me in the face.  This was not going to be fun.  I went in to his kitchen and was introduced to the smoking girlfriend and the 13 year old very pregnant smoking daughter.  I was trying to stay focused on continuing to stay professional and thorough but let’s face it, I was pretty certain that this was a waste of time.  I asked about how they heard about us.  He said his parents had had one of our systems.  I tested the water and saw that it was very hard with quite a bit of iron.  I asked if he had a budget in mind and he said he had not really thought too much about it.  I asked if he knew how much they were and he said around $800 or $900.  He was about $1200 short on his guess if he really wanted the system he said he wanted.  I asked how he wanted to pay for it and he said he wanted to finance it.Of course he did.I pulled the paper work out of my clipboard and had him fill out the basic information so that I could call it in to the company we were using then for financing.  I had barely gotten his information delivered to the customer service representative when she said not only no but “hell no!”  Okay, she did not actually say “hell no” but I could hear the “hell no” in her voice….