Closing the Sale

Free for Moti-Vitality Members

When:  Thursday December 20, 9:30-10:30 EST

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Closing Strategy
  • Danger Words and Phrases
  • The one Night Close
  • Much Much More!

 Free for Moti-Vitality Members:

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Sales Essentials for the Water Treatment Professional ~ LIVE!

This 1 day seminar is created for all water treatment sales professionals regardless of their experience in the industry.
Bring your whole team and watch them create their own business, increase their closing ratios, and make your company more profitable!

This seminar will be presented by Kelly Thompson, CWS VI/ CI will cover the following topics:
Time Efficiency & Organization ~ Several easy to use organization methods
How to Create Self-Generated Business ~ How & where to canvass as well as step-by-step “how to’s”
Sales Presentation Anatomy ~ Proven methods of increasing closing ratios, system sales & referrals
Making the Most of Home Shows ~ What to put in the booth, who should work, and proven scripts that will set appointments & make sales
Appointment Setting Challenge ~ Watch Kelly set a creative appointment LIVE!

Registration includes lunch, training materials and documentation CD.

WQA Modular Education Program Mentoring ~ Basics


Presented by Kelly Thompson MWS, CI

Complete the 1st section of the WQA modular program in ONE DAY!

Moti-Vitality will provide official mentor services / approvals

Moti-Vitality will offer continued mentoring services to help your sales professionals obtain CWS Certification

Learn More About M.E.P. Mentoring

WQA M.E.P. (Modular Education Program)/
WQA Certification Preparation Courses

Moti-Vitality will mentor you and/or your team
through the entire WQA Modular Education Program.

M.E.P. Courses include Certified Installer, Certified Water Specialist, and Master Water Specialist. 
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Previous Webinar Topics:

Members Only Webinar Series…
“Flowing to Success”

EXCLUSIVE (and FREE) for Moti-Vitality Members

Series completed 12/3/14.  For access to recorded webinars please contact Jennifer Smith, CWS I at

This 4 week webinar series will review the book “Flowing to Success ~ An Excellent Book With A Cheesy Title for the Water Treatment Sales Professional”
Flowing to Success is the only sales book SPECIFIC for the Water Industry.  It was written by Kelly Thompson, CWS VI, CI after 15 years experience in the water industry.  CLICK HERE for more information on the course!
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The following are topics Moti-Vitality has offered in the past.  If you are interested in any of the following please contact us!

Management Webinar Series

Encore series coming soon!!  Contact us if you are interested!
This 4 week webinar course is designed for:

  • The owner or manager who is fed up with being walked all over
  • The owner or manager who is tired of hiring people who over promise and under deliver
  • The long-term loyal employee that has very little management experience but now has the responsibility
  • The veteran manager or owner who simply wants a fresh perspective and new ideas

Ion Exchange & Compensated Hardness ~ What a Sales Professional Should Know

Kelly Thompson CWS VI will explain the principles of ion exchange and how to help the customers understand this process.  He will also offer suggestions how to answer the common question “How much salt will I use and how often will the system regenerate?”
This is not a service class, so the explanations will be presented in layman’s terms.  The class will focus on what to say and how much to explain so that a prospect can make the best decision without the confusion that can often arise with unfamiliar and technical terms.